Dr. Mena Bebawy
Architectural Engineering 
Faculty Office: E154Ext: 2564

Dr. Mena Bebawy is a graduate of Assiut University in Assiut, Egypt. Receiving a "Distinction with Honor", bachelor's degree in the field of Civil Engineering in June of 2000. Dr. Bebawy also served as a teaching assistant at Assiut University before joining the student body of Lawrence Technological University to pursue his master's degree. In 2007 Dr. Bebawy received his Master of Science in Civil Engineering degree while working as a research assistant and teaching assistant.  In 2011 Dr. Bebawy received his Ph.D in Civil Engineering from the University of Windsor, (Windsor, ON, Canada). His interests also include the research and study of Structural and Fire Protection Engineering. He continues his ongoing research in this area, broadening the scope of the Architectural Engineering discipline.