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Internships in the Business Program

The experiential components of the Business program are a key part of getting a degree that truly prepares you for the business world. In addition to in-class experiential learning, all Business students complete at least one professional internship where they apply what they've done on campus to a professional work environment.  Employers consistently tell us that they choose to hire LTU graduates because our grads know how to work from day one and require much less on-the-job training than many other applicants. The internship course is part of the preparation that helps our Business students stand out.

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Students start developing their professional "personal brand" from the beginning of the program. Working with simulated networking events, professional social networks like LinkedIn and meeting professionals in interesting careers, students get a feel for the types of careers they may wish to pursue. Students are encouraged to begin their internship search early, using resources like the LTU Management Facebook page, CareerQuest, and Intern in Michigan to identify opportunities. Academic advisors and career services professionals provide assistance along the way as needed.

The Internship Process

  1. Find an internship that is related to your intended/prospective career path.
  2. Complete the Internship Agreement (available from the right-hand side of this page) with your supervisor. Student and supervisor signatures are required. If you are studying on a student visa, you will also need to obtain appropriate paperwork from the International Students Office.
  3. Submit the signed Internship Agreement to Ms. Amanda Falkenbury in the College of Management. She will review with the Program Director and inform you of whether your internship is approved. Once approved, you will be given permission to enroll in the internship course.
  4. Register for the course. Approval to register does not automatically enroll you in the course; as with any other course, you need to register through BannerWeb.
  5. Complete at least 45 hours of work for your internship over the course of the semester.
  6. While you are not required to physically attend a weekly class meting, you will be required to complete academic work, including blog posts and a final reflection paper.
  7. Provide your supervisor with the Supervisor Evaluation (available on the right-hand side of this page) at least three weeks before the end of the term. This evaluation must be submitted to LTU before the end of the semester and is part of your grade.



 Q: What if I already have a job?

A:  If you are already working, we encourage you to work with your supervisor to find a short-term project you can work on within your company that will allow you to apply your business skills. Maybe you can become a temporary part of the marketing team, or help your company with some market research. The goal of the internship requirement is to ensure you receive hands-on business experience -- not to create a stumbling block on the way to graduation. We work with every student to ensure the internship requirement is met with a position or project that provides valuable experience.

Q: What if I am not employed currently, but have worked in the past? Can I count my past experience twoard this internship requirement?

A: We cannot accept past experience as fulfilling the internship requirement. An important part of the internship component is reflective learning. The exercise of blogging and reflecting on your present experience is an educational experience in itself, and is not as effective when applied to things you are looking at in hindsight. There are many internship opportunities, paid and unpaid, that can allow you to enhance your past experience and keep your resume up-to-date.

Q: What if I am an international student?

A: International students studying on student visas may need to obtain approval for internship work and should work with the International Students office to complete the appropriate forms.

Q: How do I start my internship search?

A: There are a few strategies you should employ, including:

  1. Maintain an updated profile on CareerQuest, and possibly LinkedIn as well.Tech x 2 Expo arial
  2. Search CareerQuest and for positions that relate to your career interests and apply for positions. 
  3. Subscribe to email lists and/or social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) from professional organizations related to your interest area where job opportunities are oft en posted. For instance, the Public Relations Society of America offers a recurring online event called HAPPO -- Help a PR Pro Out -- where job opportunities are shared. The more active you are in professional associations -- both at in-person events and at virtual events -- the more people will think of you when they become aware of opportunities. There is an old adage that to want to help  someone, they have to "know you, like you, trust you" -- showing up at events will help you get known, liked and trusted so that people will share opportunities with you.
  4. "Like" us on Facebook at
  5. Read your e-mail! Look at posters on the wall if you're on campus! These are frequent ways information is communicated.