The Certificate in Entrepreneurial Strategy is constructed so that it can be a stand-alone academic certificate or attached to any of the undergraduate management degrees.

Starting New Ventures and Managing Entrepreneurial Operations
(MGT3013) An intensive course focusing on the skills and knowledge necessary to design, launch, and manage a new venture. Practice is accomplished through team projects, case studies, development of a business operating plan for a new venture and meaningful field assignments. 3 hours credit.

Sales and Marketing for Entrepreneurs
(MGT3033) An application oriented course covering the marketing concept, the marketing mix, market segmentation, sales tactics for entrepreneurs and effectively utilizing e-commerce in an entrepreneurial environment. Requires fieldwork to develop an actual market plan for a new start-up operation. 3 hours credit.

Finance for Entrepreneurs
(FIN3203) Students gain working knowledge of general financial/accounting concepts as well as how to obtain appropriate financing for a start-up business venture. Principles are taught and illustrated with the entrepreneur in mind. A combination of lecture/discussion sessions, readings from articles and company prospectus, case studies, and guest lecturers are used throughout. 3 hours credit.

Collaborative Communication for Business Leaders
(COM3463) An applications oriented course developed in a workshop format. Students study and apply skills in technical and professional communications, speech, and advanced interpersonal and non-verbal communication. Work is done in groups and requires the use of computer technology and graphics. 3 credit hours.