student government forms + documents

The Student Government actively endorses all Lawrence Tech clubs and organizations beneficial to personal and scholastic achievement. The Student Government is composed of three interacting branches working in cooperation with each other. They are the Student Administration, the Student Senate, and Student Judiciary Committee.

The Student Administration consists of a president, executive vice president, vice president of finance, and vice president of public relations. Various committee chairpersons are appointed by the president and approved by the Senate. Students become eligible to be members of a Student Government committee by simply attending the meetings.

Members of the Student Senate include official representatives from each recognized club and organization and senators-at-large. Senators are the only voting members at Student Government meetings. All business concerning the Student Government is brought before the Student Senate for approval

StuGov Constitution: To learn more general information about StuGov please read the Constitution of the Student Government of Lawrence Technological University PDF image - Adopted September 11th, 2012

Organization Chart: To better understand how StuGov is organized and the Hierarchy within the organization please view Organization Chart PDF image

Senate Form: To apply to become a Senator in Student Government please open Senate Form PDF image

Organization Registry: Student Government oversees the registration and funded activities of “active” organizations at Lawrence Tech. To register your organization as “Active” please open and complete Organization Registry Gapps Google docs logo

This form must be completed YEARLY by the listed deadline. The status of “active organization” will not be carried over from one school year to the next.

5-Star Organization Application: Organizations have the opportunity to become a “5-Star Organization”. To begin the application process please open and complete the 5-Star Organization Form Gapps Google docs logo

Funds Request: Active organization have the opportunity to host events funded by Student Government. To request funds an organization member must fill out a Money Request FormGapps Google docs logo 

All submissions are due by 5pm the Friday before the next Student Government meeting.

Funds Reimbursement: If your organization has a Funds Request that has been APPROVED by the Senate, an organization member must complete and submit Money Reimbursement Form Word Document Icon 32x in order to be reimbursed.