Tenure and Promotion Processes

Chapter 2 of the Faculty Handbook describes the policies for tenure and promotion at Lawrence Tech, as well as the expectations, rights, and responsibilities for faculty members holding tenure-track appointments. The potential for tenure is available only to full-time faculty members serving in tenure eligible positions. The processes and guidelines described in this document became effective in Fall 2012.

Tenure applications and decisions must be made no later than the sixth year of full-time tenure-eligible service. Some tenure track faculty contracts include
approved prior tenure service credit from prior institutions. To be eligible for tenure, the faculty member must show promise of continued long-term productivity in all areas of evaluation. Participating in the tenure review process does not guarantee tenure, as awarding tenure is an exclusive responsibility of the Board of Trustees.

See LTU's Tenure and Promotion Processes document for complete information.

Fall 2014 Tenure and Promotion Schedule

Faculty requests for consideration of promotion and tenure must be received by the schedules established in each college but no later than the dates shown below. Promotion and tenure review actions must be initiated by the faculty member.  Guidelines are found in the current Faculty Handbook (section 2.8 for promotion, 2.10 for tenure).

The faculty requesting tenure or promotion are required to present a portfolio for review.  Portfolio guidelines are available from the Department Chair or Dean.  The review process and timeline is outlined below.

Fri. Oct 17, 2014
Portfolios submitted to the Department Chair.

Mon. Oct 20 - Fri. Nov 14, 2014
Evaluation at the departmental level, including personal interviews, should be completed. Chairperson's recommendation is submitted to the Dean.

Fri. Nov 14, 2014 
Faculty Council's (or other advisory faculty) independent recommendation on promotion and tenure actions must be completed and forwarded to the Dean. All evaluation procedures at the College level should be completed including personal interviews with the Dean.

Mon. Nov 24, 2014

Deans must inform candidates for promotion and tenure of their decision to recommend or not recommend the action.  Faculty are advised that they may appeal the Dean's decision to the Provost on or before January 9, 2015.

Fri. Dec 5, 2014
Deans forward the faculty member's promotion and/or tenure portfolio and recommendations to the Provost along with the faculty council recommendations.  These recommendations must include sufficient documentation to permit adequate review by the Administration and Board. Tenure requests must include department and college documentation regarding the need for the position.

Fri. Jan 9, 2015
Last day for faculty appeal of Dean's recommendation to the Provost for promotion and tenure decisions.

Jan. 2015
Provost informs the Deans of decision on promotion and tenure recommendations and forwards recommendations to the President for review and recommendation to the Board.  All tenure recommendations (positive or negative) are forwarded to the Board.  The Board reviews only positive promotion recommendations.

Jan. 2015
Provost reviews promotion and tenure recommendations with the Academic Affairs Committee.

Jan.  2015
The Board of Trustees will meet to review and act on promotion and tenure recommendations. Following the Board Meeting the Provost will inform those being considered for promotion and tenure, by letter, of the action in their cases.

Faculty Mentoring Program

Faculty mentoring at Lawrence Tech consists minimally of a two-year process. The first year of a new faculty member’s experience at the University focuses on orientation to the University and development of professional working relationships with faculty colleagues and administrators. The orientation process begins at the University level with a new faculty orientation held in August and optionally in January. In addition to collaboration between new faculty members and college administrative staff, the dean offers the services of a faculty mentor to each new faculty member. Faculty mentors should be full-time faculty members with three or more years of employment at Lawrence Tech, and must volunteer to be a mentor as a portion of their college or University service. Upon mutual agreement, mentor and mentee meet at least once each month to develop their relationship. The provost supports this relationship by funding one working lunch for mentor and mentee during the first academic year of their relationship.

During the second year of mentorship, mentor and mentee focus on professional and personal development of the new faculty member. The new faculty member may wish to retain their first-year mentor but are free to choose another mentor best suited to their professional aspirations. This deeper mentor/mentee relationship should be built upon a strong foundation of trust, mutual respect, and shared scholarly and/or personal interests. The college dean may suggest potential mentors to new faculty members upon their request. Mentor and mentee should meet at least twice each semester, with the understanding that the relationship may be dissolved at any time.

Please refer to the Guidelines and Procedures for Faculty Mentoring document for more information.

Midterm Tenure Review for Tenure-Track Faculty

Following the Strategic Plan initiative on Faculty development, each college must implement a mid-term tenure review for tenure track faculty members. This review must occur during the forth year of employment. The mid-term review has two parts:

  1. The faculty member presents a portfolio of their achievements to an internal committee of the college for review, critique and advice. This could be one of the functions of the faculty council of the college.
  2. The department chair reviews with the faculty member the accomplishments and progress focusing on the criteria to apply for tenure. The faculty member is expected to ask for tenure at the end of the sixth year of employment.

Mid-Term Tenure Review processes for each of Lawrence Tech's four colleges are listed on this web page.

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