2008-09 Technology Updates


These one-minute, news-format, radio commercials, produced by and aired on WJR AM760, highlight innovative programs and student achievements at Lawrence Tech. Each weekly topic airs daily during morning and afternoon drive time. The series has been recognized for excellence at both the national and regional level by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).

February 2009

The Center for Innovative Materials Research (CIMR)
at Lawrence Tech has several applied research partnerships with the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) in Warren. (Aired Feb. 9-13)






January 2009

Career Networking Reception - Recovery Starts Here program, the first of four networking receptions for displaced workers with college degrees was held Jan. 22. The Ayers Group, a division of Kelly Services Inc., led three workshops for job seekers. (Aired Jan. 26-30)

Career Networking 1

Career Networking 2

Career Networking 3

Career Networking 4

Career Networking  5

Element One / Alternative Energy Racing - As part of an international racing competition, Lawrence Tech students have designed and built a racing kart powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. They have learned how to apply engineering principles to the practical challenges of creating a new type of racing vehicle. (Aired Jan. 19-23, 2009)

Element One / Alternative Energy Racing 1
Element One / Alternative Energy Racing 2
Element One / Alternative Energy Racing 3
Element One / Alternative Energy Racing 4
Element One / Alternative Energy Racing 5

Design Studio / Urban Planning - Students of Lawrence Tech's Design Studio apply classroom lessons to real-life situations when they tackle urban planning projects such as a proposed community recreation center for Balduck Park on Detroit's east side. (Aired Jan. 12-16, 2009)  

Design Studio / Urban Planning 1
Design Studio / Urban Planning 2
Design Studio / Urban Planning 3
Design Studio / Urban Planning 4

Life Sciences - Degrees in the life sciences can lead to a wide variety of careers. Opportunities range from "green collar" jobs in alternative energy industries to the new occupations developing in personalized medicine. (Aired Jan. 5-9, 2009)

Life Sciences 1
Life Sciences 2
Life Sciences 3
Life Sciences 4
Life Sciences 5


December 2008


Biomedical Engineering - Lawrence Tech's biomedical engineering program combines intensive coursework in engineering with a strong background in biology, chemistry, physiology and other subjects pertinent to the medical field. (Aired Dec. 15-19, 2008)

Biomedical Engineering 1
Biomedical Engineering 2
Biomedical Engineering 3
Biomedical Engineering 4
Biomedical Engineering 5

Recovery Program - Lawrence Tech is offering 50 percent tuition grants to 400 displaced workers, as well as networking receptions and workshops to qualified workers under "The Recovery Starts Here: Lawrence Technological University's Stimulus Package for Displaced Workers." (Aired Dec. 8-12, 2008)

Recovery Program 1
Recovery Program 2
Recovery Program 3
Recovery Program 4
Recovery Program 5

Leadership Program-Lawrence Tech is making leadership education a fundamental component of the education we provide to all our undergraduate students. (Aired Dec. 1-5, 2008)

Leadership Program 1
Leadership Program 2
Leadership Program 3
Leadership Program 4
Leadership Program 5

November 2008

Transportation Design-The College of Architecture and Design at Lawrence Tech offers a unique transportation design program that blends design skills with technological influences. (Aired Nov. 17-21, 2008)  

Transportation Design 1
Transportation Design 2
Transportation Design 3
Transportation Design 4
Transportation Design 5    

Better Bridges
- The Michigan Department of Transportation is using materials and construction techniques developed and tested at Lawrence Tech to build bridges that will last longer. (Aired Nov. 3-7, 2008)

Better Bridges 1
Better Bridges 2
Better Bridges 3
Better Bridges 4
Better Bridges 5

MBA International
- A 20-month, weekend global management program, which includes study abroad, was specifically developed for mid-level managers who work or aspire to work in organizations that operate across national cultures. (Aired Nov. 10-14, 2008)

MBA International 1
MBA International 2
MBA International 3
MBA International 4
MBA International 5


March 2008

Mechatronics - Enrollment is rising in Lawrence Tech’s unique master’s degree program in mechatronics, an engineering program that brings together mechanical and electrical engineering with computer science and mathematics. (Aired March 31-April 4, 2008)

Mechatronics 1
Mechatronics 2
Mechatronics 3
Mechatronics 4
Mechatronics 5

Element One
- By finishing first in the design competition, Lawrence Tech’s student team Element One has taken the equivalent of the pole position in the international Formula Zero racing series for zero-emission, hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered race karts. (Aired March 24-28, 2008)

Element One 1
Element One 2
Element One 3
Element One 4
Element One 5

February 2008

Robofest - Robofest is an international competition of autonomous robots that encourages students in grades 5-12 to have fun while learning principles of computer science, math, technology and physical science. (Aired Feb. 25-29, 2008)

Robofest 1
Robofest 2
Robofest 3
Robofest 4

Leadership Education -
Lawrence Tech sees its students as leaders in the making. In order to prepare our graduates for leadership in their careers, we are making leadership education a fundamental component for all four years of undergraduate education. (Aired Feb. 18-22, 2008)

Leadership Education 1
Leadership Education 2
Leadership Education 3

Engineering Conference -
There are plenty of jobs for engineers in a wide variety of fields in the United States, but not enough Americans are choosing this career path. A conference at Lawrence Tech provided information about the opportunities in engineering to high school counselors, teachers, superintendents and parents. (Aired Feb. 11-15, 2008)

Engineering Conference 1
Engineering Conference 2
Engineering Conference 3
Engineering Conference 4
Engineering Conference 5

Center for Innovative Materials Research -
The Center for Innovative Materials Research (CIMR) at Lawrence Tech gives civil engineering students the opportunity to see how theories taught in the classroom work under rigorous test conditions. CIMR Director Nabil Grace is demonstrating how carbon fiber can be used to improve bridges and military equipment. (Aired Feb. 4–8, 2008)


January 2008

Life Sciences - A degree in chemical biology or molecular and cell biology can lead to a wide variety of careers. Graduates can apply for “green collar” jobs in alternative energy industries or new occupations that are developing in personalized medicine. (Aired Jan. 28 – Feb. 1, 2008)

Life Sciences 1
Life Sciences 2
Life Sciences 3
Life Sciences 4
Life Sciences 5

LTU Online -
Lawrence Tech students can take more than 40 courses at LTU Online and can earn three degrees and three graduate certificates without every setting foot in a classroom. In addition to the flexibility that makes online courses easier to fit into hectic work and family schedules, students appreciate the online interaction they get with professors. (Aired Jan. 21–25, 2008)

LTU Online 1
LTU Online 2
LTU Online 3
LTU Online 4

Transportation Design
– The bachelor of science degree in transportation design blends design skills with an understanding of how engineering issues impact the design of automobiles and other modes of transportation. Our graduates will be designers who understand automotive technology and know how to communicate with engineers. (Aired Jan. 14-18, 2008)

Transportation Design 1
Transportation Design 2
Transportation Design 3
Transportation Design 4