Course Name CRN Course Instructor Day Room Time
Fundamentals of Financial Accounting 3877 ACC5003 Firoozi Tues M311 5:45-8:25
Managerial Accounting 3801 ACC6003 Kirkwood OL    
Business Application Programming 3822 INT5024 Grembi Thurs M311 5:45-9:20
Enterprise Information Technology 3772 INT6043-01 Kohnke Tues M336 5:45-8:25
Enterprise Information Technology 4360 INT6043-03 Kohnke Thurs M208 11:00-1:40
Database Modeling and Administration 3773 INT6113 Ku Wed M218 5:45-8:25
Systems Analysis and Design 3774 INT6123 Kohnke Thurs M336 5:45-8:25
Enterprise IT Infrastructure 4134 INT6143-01 Mach Tues M213 5:45-8:25
Enterprise IT Infrastructure 4351 INT6143-02 Ellison Tues M217 5:45-8:25
Managing Outsourced Projects 3796 INT6253 Taleb Thurs M218 5:45-8:25
Emerging Technologies 4135 INT7213 Mach Thurs E212 5:45-8:25
Enterprise Systems Security 4136 INT7223 Chasse OL    
Disaster Recovery 4137 INT7243 Kohnke Mon M213 5:45-8:25
Information Technology Integration 3797 INT7593 Allen OL    
Bus App Statistical Analysis 3778 MBA5013 Cole OL    
Legal Environment of Business 4214 MBA5061T P. Raghavan OL    
Human Resource Management 3779 MBA6013 Egleston Wed M311 5:45-8:25
Global Business Economics 3780 MBA6023 Teolis Mon M217 5:45-8:25
Financial Management 3782 MBA6033-01 Tsebro Mon M210 5:45-8:25
Financial Management 3783 MBA6033-02 Halstead OL    
Global Leadership 3785 MBA6043 Marx Wed M336 5:45-8:25
Strategic Marketing Management 3788 MBA6053-01 Mathur Wed M209 5:45-8:25
Strategic Marketing Management 3798 MBA6053-02 Kiani OL    
Operations & Supply Chain Management 3789 MBA6063-01 S.Raghavan Mon M208 5:45-8:25
Operations & Supply Chain Management 3799 MBA6063-02 Paryani OL    
Global Strategic Management 3790 MBA6073 Marx Mon M311 5:45-8:25
Project Management 3855 MBA7063-01 Phillips Mon M336 5:45-8:25
Project Management 3856 MBA7063-02 Allen OL    
Project Management 4368 MBA7063-03 Drommi Mon T217 5:45-8:25
Digital Marketing 4139 MBA7073 Mathur Tues M310 5:45-8:25
Corporate Finance 4140 MBA7163 Tsebro Wed M212 5:45-8:25
Project Risk 4153 MBA7173 Taleb OL    

Masters Programs - Off Campus

Course Name CRN Course Intructor Day Campus Time
Human Resource Management 4189 MBA6013 Inskeep   TACOM 5:00-7:40
Global Business Economics   MBA6023 Marx Tues/Thurs SSCF 9:00-1:00
Organization Development & Change   MBA7033 Egleston Tues/Thurs SSCF 1:30-5:30
Global Strategic Management   MBA6073 Stavros/Marx Tues/Thurs SSCF 9:00-1:00
Enterprise Information Technology 3917 INT6043 Sigler Wed MI Tech Center 4:30-7:10
Operations & Supply Chain Management 3781 MBA6023 Taj Thurs MI Tech Center 4:30-7:10
Enterprise Information Technology 4204 INT6043 Motaghi Sat/Sun Toronto 9:00-4:00
Managerial Accounting 4205 MBA6043 Dryden Sat/Sun Toronto 9:00-4:00

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