Course Name  CRN Course                               Faculty Day                Room  Time              
Fundamentals of Accounting   ACC5003 01    Online  
Managerial Accounting   ACC6003 01  Li  Mon M210  5:45 - 8:25
Business Application Programming INT5024 Chang  Mon  5:45-9:20
Enterprise Information Technology INT6043 Kohnke  Thurs M336  5:45-8:25
Database Modeling and Administration INT6113 Chang  Tues M311  5:45-8:25
Systems Analysis and Design INT6123 Kohnke  Tues  5:45-8:25
Enterprise IT Infrastructure INT6143 Online
Managing Outsourced Projects INT6253 Online
IT Audit and Control INT6263 Tues M209  5:45-8:25
Emerging Technologies INT7213 Thurs M208  5:45-8:25
Enterprise Systems Security INT7223 Mon M311  5:45-8:25
Business Analytics & Data Mining INT7513 Mon M310  5:45-8:25
Program & Portfolio Management INT7563 Thurs M209  5:45-8:25
Information Technology Integration INT7593 Wed M208  5:45-8:25
Managerial Economics MBA5011T Online
Fundmentals of Macro Economics MBA5021T Online
Fundamentals of Marketing MBA5031T Mathur Tues 5:45-8:25
Fundamentals of Management MBA5041T Mathur Tues 5:45-8:25
Business Applications of Statistics MBA5013 Cole Wed M213  5:45-8:25
Human Resource Management MBA6013 Egleston Wed M336  5:45-8:25
Global Business Economics MBA6023 Marx Thurs M336  5:45-8:25
Global Business Economics MBA6023 Ford Online
Financial Management MBA6033 Tsebro Thurs M218  5:45-8:25
Global Leadership MBA6043 Marx Wed M311  5:45-8:25
Global Leadership MBA6043 Castelli Online
Strategic Marketing Management MBA6053 Tues 5:45-8:25
Operations & Supply Chain Management


S. Raghavan Mon M213 5:45-8:25
Global Strategic Management MBA6073 Taj Tues M336 5:45-8:25
International Finance MBA7023 Tsebro Web M218 5:45-8:25
Management and Organizational Behavior MBA7043 Mon M217 5:45-8:25
Project Management MBA7063 Mon M336 5:45-8:25
Project Management MBA7063 Online
Digital Marketing MBA7073 Mathur Wed M217 5:45-8:25
Project Risk & Quality Management MBA7173 Tues M208 5:45-8:25
Education Centers            
Course Name CRN Course  Faculty  Day  Time
Human Resource Management MBA6013 5:00-7:40
Global Leadership   MBA6043     5:00 - 7:40
Operations & Supply Chain Management   MBA6063     5:00 - 7:40
Global Leadership MBA6043 Marx T/R 9:00-1:00
Managing a Global Workforce MBA7053 Castelli T/R 1:30-5:30
Global Business Economics   MBA6023   4:30-7:10
Strategic Marketing Management   MBA6053 4:30-7:10

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