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Your Learning Style

There has been much research on the subject of learning styles. Knowing which learning style you have can be helpful in taking advantage of your natural tendencies while trying to develop other ways of learning. Learning styles are commonly divided into three main categories:

  • Visual - you learn best by reading, evaluating graphics, or observing processes
  • Auditory - you learn best by listening and talking with others
  • Kinesthetic - you learn best by doing, evaluating inputs and outputs, and applying knowledge to solve practical problems

Your individual style may be a mix of these three basic styles, or you may learn best in one way for certain tasks and in other ways for other tasks.

There are many learning styles inventories in books and on the Internet. You can take one of these surveys to get instant feedback about learning strategies that complement your learning style. Remember that each class - whether traditional, hybrid, or on-line - can only offer so many learning experiences. So it is important to match up these experiences with your learning style to identify areas where you may need additional help to be successful.

To find out more about your individual learning style, consider completing one of these inventories:

North Carolina State University Learning Styles Questionnaire

Now that you have read about the strengths and weaknesses of hybrid and on-line learning, and have considered your individual learning style, let's consider how you will need to take responsibility for your online learning.