first year student services

Services for First-Year Students

A first year student is any student who is in his or her first year of college and has not attended any other college or university.

The Office of Leadership Programs and First Year Experience provide the following services to first year students:

First Year Advocacy:  The director is the advocate for first-year students and the point person for both first year students and their parents when there are questions or concerns.  Nearly half of the first-year students and/or their parents interact with the director in a typical school year.

First Year Advising
  Each first year student is connected to a faculty member for academic advising.  Also, all students at LTU are linked to their advisors in an advising Web site and through Blackboard.

First Year Mentor Program:  Each first year student is connected to a returning Lawrence Tech student.  Mentors meet the first year students at Discovery Days and stay in contact with them for the first year to provide valuable resources.

Early Feedback and Midterm Grades Advising:  About the 4th week into the semester first-year students receive feedback on their academic progress. Studies have shown that early intervention helps students in their academic success. Midterm grades are mailed to first year students at their permanent addresses at roughly the 10th week of the fall and spring semesters.  

Orientation and Registration (O&R)
- held in summer in preparation for the first year.

Discovery Days - a welcome program for first year students just prior to the start of classes. Discovery Days take place during the two days before classes start.


Contact Information:

Melissa Grunow
Director, Leadership Programs and First Year Experience
Phone #: 248.204.2414
Fax#: 248.204.2419