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CPT POLICY UPDATE: Effective immediately per SEVP Guidance the definition of one academic year has changed. One academic year at LTU is now defined as the fall & spring semester. Summer semester enrollment does not count towards the one academic year of full time enrollment. This means students who are enrolled full time in the summer semester do not get to count this semester towards their CPT eligibility. Please see updated CPT Guide for more information. If you have questions regarding this policy update, or your eligibility, please contact the Office of International Programs.


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On behalf of the Office of International Programs (OIP), we look forward to welcoming you to our campus. Over the course of your stay at LTU, the OIP will assist you with your cultural adjustment, academic integration, professional growth, and personal support.   

To ease your transition into your new life at Lawrence Tech, the Office of International Programs requires that all international students attend a Mandatory International Student Welcome Week Orientation

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If you have additional questions or concerns, please email


Orientation Session

If you are a International student, register here for the mandatory orientation session.

During the orientation program, we will be presenting vital information on immigration regulations, academic issues, health insurance, and many campus resources. You will complete all necessary procedures for class registration including placement testing, English skills testing, and meeting with your academic advisor. Orientation will also be an opportunity for you to meet other new students and familiarize yourself with the LTU campus. You must attend orientation before you will be allowed to register for classes.

After you obtain your visa, please complete the online orientation reservation form to secure a place in the mandatory orientation and to report to our office of your intentions to attend LTU. Please register for only one orientation associated with the semester you will be attending LTU.

Upcoming International Welcome Week Orientations:

Spring 2015  January 5th - 9th
Summer 2015:   May 4th - 9th
Fall 2015:  August 17th - 21st


Life as an international student means balancing the requirements of the United States Immigration regulations with that of the LTU academic policies.  American culture requires that you take personal responsibility for learning, understanding, and following all regulations. The International Student Orientation provides the foundation for this continual learning process.  Helpful information about coming to and living in the United States can be found at (not affiliated with Lawrence Tech). Another great resource is Study in the States.




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