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CPT Request Form Use this document to request CPT. It contains information about CPT, the application process, and the forms and documents required to receive CPT authorization.

CPT POLICY UPDATE: Effective immediately per SEVP Guidance the definition of one academic year has changed. One academic year at LTU is now defined as the fall & spring semester. Summer semester enrollment does not count towards the one academic year of full time enrollment. This means students who are enrolled full time in the summer semester do not get to count this semester towards their CPT eligibility. Please see updated CPT Guide for more information. If you have questions regarding this policy update, or your eligibility, please contact the Office of International Programs.

Guide to OPT Use this document to request OPT. It contains information about OPT, the application process, and the forms and documents required to apply for OPT authorization. You will also need USCIS Form I-765 - see below.

OPT STEM Extension Use this document to request the OPT STEM EXTENSION.  It contains information about the STEM extension, the application process, and the forms and documents required to apply for authorization. You will also need the USCIS Form I-765- see below.

USCIS Form I-765 U.S. government's application for employment authorization, including OPT. If applying for OPT, you will also need the Guide to OPT - see above. Please read employment authorization guide for information about how to properly complete this form.

OPT Information Update Use this form while you are on OPT to update the International Programs Office of any changes in your personal or employment information.

J-1 Academic Training Use this document if you are on a J-1 visa and seeking employment authorization.

Tax Preparation Services If you worked in the U.S. you must file your taxes every year. This document provides a list of local companies that assist with filing taxes. You can also read more on the IRS website.


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