LTU offers several medical insurance plan options for eligible employees and his/her spouse or same-sex domestic partner and his/her eligible dependents.  As your employer, the University picks up a large percentage of the overall cost of insurance programs offered. Additional cost to the employee may include co-payments, deductible and co-insurance. Medical insurance coverage for eligible employees becomes available on the first of the month following thirty (30) days of full time employment.

Medical Insurance Options

The Healthy Blue Living Health Maintenance Organization (HBL HMO) Plan provided through Blue Care Network of Michigan is a managed care program. This plan is only available to Michigan residents. Under the plan, you must select a participating Primary Care Physician (PCP) through whom all your care will be directed. You are required to obtain a referral from your PCP in the event that you need a specialist. Females using this plan may select a PCP as well as an OB/GYN and are not required to obtain referrals for routine OB/GYN services. Regular services are allowed twice per year. If you seek services from a physician or hospital outside of the network, no benefits will be payable (unless specified as an emergency).
To find a Blue Care Network provider or change your PCP, log on to
Healthy Blue Living HMO Requirements
When enrolled in Healthy Blue Living, you have access to two benefit levels, enhanced and standard. Enhanced benefits have lower deductible and lower copayments, so you save money when you use health plan services.

To receive enhanced benefits, you and your covered spouse must choose to meet the requirements. If you choose not to meet the requirements, you will still have health care coverage, but you will receive the standard benefit level, with higher out-of-pocket costs.

See the Healthy Blue Living Guide for additional details about the program and the member requirements.

Simply Blue Preferred Provider Organization (BCBSM PPO) Plan is provided through a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), where a network of pre-selected hospitals and doctors is available for your use.  This is a national plan and is available to all U.S. residents.  If you use the network, you will receive the highest level of benefits offered by the plan.  While the network is available, you are not required to use it.  You always have the complete freedom to select any provider whenever you need care. However, the out-of-network benefits are lower and your out-of-pocket cost are higher.  If you use a non-participating provider, you may also be billed the difference between the approved amount and the provider's charge.
To find a BCBS PPO provider online, visit

Mail Order Prescription Drug Program 

If you are enrolled in a mail order program, you can order refills for many of the medications you take on an on-going basis through one of our mail order vendors. Using the mail order program, you can order up to a 90-day supply at once for most drugs, and your medications will be delivered to your home. To learn more, visit Blue Care Network  or BCBSM
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