South Housing


University Housing South is located on Ten Mile Rd. just south of campus.  This nine-story residence hall accommodates 337 residents in 131 apartment style suites. 

Each UH-South apartment offers a:

  • Fully equipped kitchen with full-size refrigerator and stove
  • Fully furnished living room with couch, chair, dining table and chairs
  • Fully furnished bedroom(s) with twin bed, closet, bookcase, desk, and desk chair for each student
  • Private bathroom


Room configurations include:



  • South Housing

    South Hall: The largest housing unit at Lawrence Tech. This 9 story apartment building sits across 10 mile road and is just a 5 minute walk from the heart of campus. South Housing is maintained and staffed with Sophomore and Junior students in mind but is open to all upperclassmen. 

  • North Housing

    North Hall: Located directly on campus North Housing offers four floors of apartments for Lawrence Tech students. North Housing is maintained and staffed with Senior and Graduate students in mind but is open to all upperclassmen. 

  • Arbor Lofts

    Arbor Lofts: Located a 10 minute walk from campus, Arbor Lofts is Lawrence Tech's off campus housing. With full 3 and 4 bedroom apartments for to students to enjoy this option is only available to students at Junior level or higher. 

  • Reuss Hall

    Reuss Hall: Situated next to North Housing, directly on campus, Reuss Hall is Lawrence Tech's first and only community style building. Reserved for Freshmen only, this building will premiere in Fall 2015.