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“My name is JooYoung Ham, I am Senior Architecture Major.  My Hobbies are playing basketball and soccer, and I love watching thrilling movies.”

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“Hi my name is Lauren Scott.  I am a 2 yr student at LTU studying Architecture and Interior Architecture.  I am currently on the dance team and a member of Delta Tau Sigma Sorority.  I am originally from Dewitt, MI and I love sports.”

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“My name is Matt Koper. I am studying Biomedical Engineering.  I like to play sports and stay active.  I am a big U of M fan.  I was born and raised in Poland.  I also play the accordion.

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“I am a dual, Civil Engineering and Architecture.  I will be a sophomore in the fall.  I am involved in ASCE. I like being outdoors and doing community service. “

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“Anthony is a fourth year Arch major. He enjoys being outdoors and driving his pick’em up truck.  He is also Vice President in Alpha Sigma Pi.  Rarely does Anthony have a crappy day so life is always awesome.

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“I am an easy going guy, I work well with others, and I am a good listener.  This is my first year at LTU and I am studying Architectural Engineering.  I am in Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity.  I enjoy exercise and watching cartoons like Family Guy & American Dad, along with the old cartoon network (the good one).”

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“ I am a junior in Civil Engineering program.  I love helping people, and I play the greatest instrument made by man: the saxophone.”

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“My name is Jaleel.  I am a Senior in Graphic Design/ Business Management .  This is my 3rd year as an RA.  I am a  easy going person and love to have fun.”

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“I am a 4 yr student at Lawrence Tech, where I am currently studying architecture.  My free time consists of hanging with friends, playing video games, and playing football.”

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“I’m a 3rd year architectural engineer.  I’m involved with the solar decathlon through SCST and a member of Delta Phi Epsilon.   I love being an RA and meeting new people.  In my free time, I like to relax in the sun and/or with a book.”

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“ I am a 5th year Architectural Engineering Student and this is my 3rd year on housing staff.  I have lived in housing every year at LTU   I am passionate about alternative energy in the built environment and currently working on the solar decathlon project with the SCST student group.  Looking forward to meeting all of you!”

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“Hey, my name is Nathan Vader and I am a third year  Architectural Engineering student.  I am a member of the Lawrence Tech honor society and an active member of SCST (Students Constructing a Susanable Tomorrow). I am very excited for the new semester and I hope to be more active on campus.

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“My name is Rebecca, I am a third year student in Industrial Design. My hobbies are working out, reading, sewing & coloring. I am a HUGE  Red Wings fan & love playing hockey with friends!”

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“Hi, my name is Ashley.  I am a 5th year student studying civil engineering.  This is my 4th year on staff.  I am actively involved on campus in multiple honor societies and Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority.  In my small free time I like to cook and sleep.”

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“ I’m the SRA for North Housing, 4th year Architecture major from Saint Louis Missouri.  I love volleyball, Netflix and hanging out in studio.

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Gabe R

Hi my name is Gabe, I will be a junior in the architecture program for the 2013-2014 school year.  I moved here from Venezuela, 2 years and although I get homesick at times I don’t regret the decision.  I am addicted to TV and watch too many TV shows for my own good, growing up I loved sports and wish I had more time to do them now.  I try to be as outgoing as possible and am exciting for this year!!

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Gabe S

Gabe is a sophomore who is working on a dual major in computer engineering and computer science.  He loves hockey, baseball and archery.  Gabe is part of LTU’s Society of dramatic arts, Cru, and is involved with Greek life at LTU. This is Gabe’s first year as an RA, and is very excited to meet his new residents.

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Hi!  My name is Lexis Carson.  I am an incoming sophomore, class of 2016.  I study Architecture here at LTU, but that major might change.  I’m not quite sure yet.  I am a very active person and I have played just about all of the sports a person can imagine.  I also love to draw and dancing is pretty much my whole life.  Besides, family friends, and school of course.  That is pretty much me, there is a lot more, but I do not want to take up a whole page.  Live it. Learn it. Love it.

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