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Make lifelong friends. Get involved. Follow your passion.

Your time outside the classroom is an important part of your college education. On-campus housing makes access to your classes, activities, and sporting events convenient and easy. LTU’s apartment-style living and meal plans give you the flexibility to make the living choices best for you, and the full-time housing staff is always available to help and answer questions. Meet lots of new people and enjoy a metropolitan area vibrant with music, culture, and sports. Experience all that LTU has to offer!

Research shows that students who live in residence halls are more likely to make more connections with other students and get involved in campus life. Most important, they achieve higher GPAs when compared to commuter students. Therefore, please join your fellow students who have made the decision to live on campus.

Any student with 59 credits or less and live more than 30 minutes away is expected to live on campus in North or South Housing.