After You Apply



What happens to my admissions application after I send it to Lawrence Tech?

Ever wonder what happens to your application after you've spent hours perfecting your essay, rounding up transcripts, dotting your i's and crossing your t's? Here is the scoop on where your application travels once you send it off.


Step One: Collecting the Pieces

We match up all the pieces you have sent to us. Most students end up submitting their transcripts,  ACT or SAT scores, and other supporting materials in separate mailings. Once the documents arrive in the admissions office, the information is entered into our computer system. This is why it's important to write your full legal name and birthdate on everything you send to us. We'll notify you of missing documents. Once your file is complete, we gather your file and get it ready for step two.

Step Two: Making the Decision
Once basic information is entered in our computer system, your application file is handed over to the admissions counselor responsible for your geographic area. All transfer applications will be processed by the admissions counselor who handles your chosen academic major. To find out who will get your application, go to our admissions staff directory . This admissions team member, who is your advocate (and your new best friend), will evaluate your documents and make the decision.  Throughout the process, we are trying to determine if your past academic record indicates that you are capable of academic success here at Lawrence Tech, and what contributions you will make to next year's entering class.

Step Three: The Decision
The decision will have one of the following outcomes:

  1. You're admitted! Congratulations. Now you have to decide if Lawrence Tech is the place for you. Why don't you come and visit us? Go to our visit page for more information about visiting campus.
  2. You’re admitted into the Arts and Sciences Undeclared program.  Candidates who do not meet the minimum academic requirements for their first choice, but Lawrence Tech believes have the potential to succeed with the proper academic assistance, are assigned to this program.  After a minimum of 12 credit hours, a student can petition to enter the major of choice.
  3. You're not admitted. Your academic preparation was not sufficient to earn a place in next year's class.  Please contact the Admissions Office to find out how to strengthen your academic record and also to bring any questions or concerns you may have to the attention of a staff member.   Many students strengthen their academic record at a local community college.  We have transfer guide sheets for you to follow to maximize the amount of credits you can transfer into LTU while improving your academic history.