All international students are required to attend a special Orientation for International Students to help you learn your rights and responsibilities as an international student.  This program is designed to help you settle in and get to know academics and campus life at LTU and also learn a little about Southfield and the Detroit metropolitan area.  During the orientation program, you will have the opportunity to meet the advisors from our Office of International Programs and fellow international students. They will advise you of all the immigration regulations and assist you in complying with these regulations related to your visa status in the United States. Health insurance (required by U.S. law) programs  will also be discussed.  It is important to pay attention because failure to follow any one of the regulations could put you out of status! 

Dates and times for the International Student Orientation are set by the Office of International Programs, and are usually the full week prior to the start of the term.  Visit their website here to get up to date information on your orientation session.