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Lawrence Tech and Formula SAE

The Formula SAE® student design competition was originally founded by SAE International in 1979 as Mini Indy. What started off as a small group of colleges participating in an event once hosted on LTU’s campus has grown to include hundreds of colleges and universities participating in over a dozen annual competitions held in seven countries. The best attended and most coveted event is the competition held at Michigan International Speedway each May.

Formula SAE® challenges students to conceive, design, engineer, fabricate, and race a small high-performance Formula-style race car intended for the non-professional weekend autocross racer. Students are asked to assume that a manufacturing company has contracted their design team to develop the vehicle, which should cost less than $25,000 to produce. The car also must be reliable and easy to maintain. Few other vehicle design restrictions are specified in order to promote clever problem solving and to give teams the greatest flexibility to express their creativity and imagination. LTU students validate their hard work by putting their car through performance tests in a real racing environment at the Michigan International Speedway. In competition with 120 teams from across the globe, they undergo trials in acceleration, skidpad, autocross, fuel economy, and endurance and are judged for their problem-solving, innovative thinking, and teamwork in their presentation and engineering design.

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