2016-2017 Team Members
Team Captain: Jacob Burgio   Faculty Advisor: Dr. Robert Fletcher
Chassis:   Suspension:
Jacob Burgio   Ryan Diehl
Jiawei Ji   Steering: 
Braking:   Cody Laframboise 
Ashley Jordan   Jingkang Wang 
Abdullah Alnasser   Body: 
Hamze Merhi   Adam Boike 
 Powertrain:   Powertrain Integration:
Nithin Reddy    Visakh Rajendran
Francesco Zhu   Noah Janke
Shihong Zheng   Mitch Pleune
Xudong Shang   Eddie Doemer
Cooling:   Devson Butani
Adam Boike   High Voltage:
Yubin Wu   Robert Walkerdine
Low Voltage:   Donald Sampson
Josh Shoemaker   Justin Hommel
Donald Sampson   Alula Kassa
Kevin Duby   Abdullah Alaolaki
Mark Furlong    


Lawrence Tech's Formula Hybrid team is comprised of students of freshmen through graduate level standing. Students from all of the University's colleges are welcome to participate. The team has consisted of mechanical, electrical, computer, robotics, and biomedical engineering students, as well as business, and management students. The team operates out of it's on campus lab, located in the Academic Research Center (ARC).