We Can Assist You With Finance Options To Meet Your Educational Goal

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All new incoming students are considered for merit scholarships at the time of admission. Returning students can apply for endowed scholarships in January/February for the next academic year.Lawrence Tech offers a broad array of financial aid programs, including scholarships, grants, loans, and work study, to assist you in meeting your educational goals. About two-thirds of the University's students receive some form of financial assistance from various private, state, and federal programs.Investing in your future at Lawrence Tech can give you the edge you need to be successful in today's extremely competitive market.

The Office of Financial Aid plays a key role in your financial planning. Knowledgeable and experienced counselors can help you explore the many alternatives available to help finance your education. We use our institutional funds in partnership with the federal government and the state of Michigan to provide students and their families with the financial resources that will make it possible for them to attend Lawrence Tech. Aid awards typically include gift aid in the form of scholarships and grants and self-help aid provided through federal loans and student employment.