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Dr. Nicholas Zorka

Dr. Nicholas Zorka
Adjunct Faculty

Electrical + Computer Engineering

ECE E217
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Background + Expertise

Dr Nicholas G. Zorka is an entrepreneur who specializes in the field of artificial intelligence - fuzzy logic. His PhD dissertation was titled "Adaptive Fuzzy Cluster Tracking Techniques with Radar Applications". Dr Zorka's work in adaptive fuzzy logic with the use of sensors such as radar, far IR, and cameras, led to the development of key invention disclosures for which Ford Motor received US patents in the field of automotive safety applications. While working in Ford's Scientific Research Laboratories, Dr Zorka also developed new patentable concepts in emission controls, resulting in huge vehicle savings and the meeting of new automotive emissions standards. Dr Zorka has published technical papers for the ASME and IEEE, and for internal consumption at Ford in the areas of emission controls, automotive safety, and mechanical design. He has presented his finding at prestigious technical conferences in Austria and Italy, as well as in the USA. Dr Zorka started NICA-Engineering, a consulting business, in 2006. He now specializes in artificial intelligence controls and computational fluid dynamics. As a consultant, he has worked on computational fluid dynamics in the generation of wind power. His company has submitted proposals to the US Army for unmanned ground vehicle applications. Dr Zorka's academic background covers both mechanical and electrical engineering. His four college degrees include a bachelors in mechanical engineering, a masters in engineering mechanics, a masters in electronics and computer control, and a PhD in systems engineering.
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