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Richard Dengate

Richard Dengate
Adjunct Faculty

Humanities, Social Sciences, and Communication

Lawrence Technological University
HUM S110
248.204.3520 p
248.204.3518 f

Background + Expertise

Mr. Dengate taught at LTU from 1972 to 1977. He resumed teaching here in 1991 and continues to the present time. His teaching focuses on economics, although he has also taught Japanese History & Culture, American Federal Government, and American History. In 1985, he was the recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship (India). He also was awarded a Fellowship in Southeast Asian Studies in 1986 at the University of Michigan. In 1987, he was selected as an exchange teacher to Japan by the Michigan Department of Education. Mr. Dengate holds a B.S. from Central Michigan University and an M.A. from Wayne State University. He has also done post-graduate work in Japanese Language and History. He enjoys motorcycling and flying gliders in his spare time.
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