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Prof. Amy Deines

Prof. Amy Deines
Prof. Amy Deines
Interim Dean, Professor

College of Architecture and Design

248.204.2802 p
248.204.2900 f


Beginning of a New Semester
It’s official! The Detroit Shop has moved to the Old Federal Reserve Building in Downtown Detroit! The space still has some finishing work to be done, but we are all happy to be in our ...
A Beginning of so Much More
As the semester nears its end, it is the ending of more than just that, and yet the beginning of so much more.  It is the end of my collegiate career here at Lawrence Technological ...
A Business Student in a Design Studio
As business students in a design studio, Michael & I have learned so much about the design culture, and how it differs, yet complements a typical business culture. A designer’s attention to detail often goes ...
A Whirlwind Finale
These past couple weeks have been a whirlwind… In one week we had five different presentations, while everyone in the studio was continuously working to improve their designs and final presentations. After several nights with ...
The End of the Semester
As the semester comes to a close, many in their last semester, we look to the end of a great experience in downtown Detroit. Some of the students, including myself are graduating in less than 2 weeks ...
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