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Dr. Yi Feng
Instructional Support Coordinator

Natural Sciences

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Dr. Yi Feng

Background + Expertise

Yi Feng has been the Instructional Support Coordinator to the Department of Natural Sciences since October 2006. She manages the Biology, Chemistry and Physics teaching labs and the main stock room for the department and supports Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Masters of Science Education and Educational Technology programs, and other science courses taught by the department.

She maintains an inventory of chemicals, supplies, and major and minor equipment. Yi supervises student lab assistants in general lab maintenance and student lab preparation. She gives technical support to external activities of the department related to grants and other projects. Yi prepares quotations and coordinates meetings with vendors and contractors on purchases and repairs of the department's laboratory supplies and equipment. She also serves as the radioactive safety officer for the department.

Yi Feng received her PhD in Population Genetics in the Department of Biological Sciences at University of Notre Dame in 2006. She is a member of the International Oak Society.

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