Presence Sensor V1

Team: Fredericka Braley, Eric Mohr, LaBron Brown
The Presence Sensor V1, when paired with the Lumenilaire outdoor lighting system, allows illumination to follow you as you move about your property. This system can be used for aesthetics and as a safety feature on your property.



Team: David menzies, Ette Udo, Nick Flint, Todd Mikowski
A first of its kind chiller designed to use thermodynamic properties to provide cooled beverage glasses within seconds. Designed to fit standard drinking glasses, it shall provide the user with a faster class turnover and greater customer satisfaction. The chiller will be fitted with a custom shaped chilling cone and a class retention feature which will secure the glass while cooling ocurs. When the user triggers the chiller it will provide a stream of super cooled gas which will chill the glass to freezing temperatures. When the user sees that the glass has been sufficiently cooled, they will remove it from the cone and fill it with the desired beverage.



Team: Al Thapa, Erick Hench, Rob Moelich
K-Kiosk is an informational, motion based kiosk. It is a one of a kind that stands out among the other informational Kiosk available in the market. K-Kiosk uses X-Box Kinect as a motion sensor which detects the user and their hand motions. Users can easily maneuver around without the touch of a button. Its motion based feature makes K-Kiosk an interactive and unique experience for the users.