idea 2 product competition

Idea 2 Product Competition
Hosted by Saint Louis University
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 “An idea is a terrible thing to waste.”

Today, the first step in getting an idea rolling is to articulate it and present it for feedback. I2P® starts with a simple, two-page submission – just nine questions. In return, you get feedback on your idea, and for those with the most promising ideas, the chance to move them forward to get the opinions (and perhaps the interests) of blue-ribbon judges, as well as a chance to make some money to underwrite the costs of making your idea into reality. Ideas coming out of I2P® competitions have ranged from educational software to green technologies to medical devices.

In this write-up, the finalists from each school must describe the idea and its underlying technology; explain how it is innovative and unique; describe the target customer group and provide a general market size; explain the need that the product fulfills in the market; and provide a minimal intellectual property (IP) protection strategy. A panel of judges selects the semifinalists from these submissions. The most promising applicants are chosen based on identification and communication of market need, market opportunity, and the uniqueness and innovativeness of the product and the underlying technology.

Submission Deadline: January 30, 2012

Regional Competition: March 2-3, 2012 at Saint Louis University


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Includes submission guidelines, rules, judging criteria, and how to enter!