a. leon linton department of mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineers design, develop, research, and test all types of machines and mechanical systems. They apply their expertise in the buildings where we live and work, in the factories that produce machines and consumer products, and in creating the products themselves. At LTU, you will study a diverse range of topics from acoustics and energy transmission to stress analysis, thermo fluids, and hydraulics. You’ll get plenty of hands-on experience working with your professors on industry-sponsored projects in state-of-the-art laboratories. Being one of the most versatile engineering degrees, mechanical engineering can prepare you to enter a wide spectrum of industries, such as automotive, aeronautics, aerospace, healthcare, and defense.


  • LTU students get an inside view of U.S. patent system


    Before giving a guest lecture at LTU in October, Christal Sheppard of the U.S. Patent Office (second from left) chats with Donald Reimer, and engineering students Janie Roberts, Ben Ervin, John Hatsios, and Cody Hoeffel. Christal Sheppard, director of the Elijah J. McCoy Midwest Regional U.S. Patent and Trademark ...

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    Nov 20

    LTU's Supermileage team wins newcomer award


    The Blue Devil Motorsports team from Lawrence Technological University won the Best Newcomer Performance Award at the 36th SAE Supermileage competition held in Marshall, Michigan, in June.

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    Jun 17

  • Saudi Arabian government honors LTU graduate student


    Ahmed Aljabr, a doctoral candidate in manufacturing systems engineering at Lawrence Technological University, was recognized by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission in Washington, DC, in May. 

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    Jun 9

    Johnson Controls and Lawrence Tech partner on energy storage research


    Johnson Controls is partnering with Lawrence Technological University (LTU) to test and develop advanced battery systems in vehicles aimed at helping automakers meet increasing fuel economy and emissions standards.

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    May 8

  • Eco-Marathon helps LTU team prepare for Supermileage competition


    A new SAE team at Lawrence Technological University got a wakeup call when the Shell Eco-Marathon came to Detroit the weekend of April 10-12. After assembling their vehicle just in time, the team is much better prepared for the SAE Supermileage competition in June.

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    Apr 20

    International industrial engineering conference fills a gap and keeps growing


    Lawrence Technological University Associate Professor Ahad Ali is a firm believer in the importance of networking and keeping up with best practices in industrial engineering and related fields. 

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    Mar 13

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Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI) Partners with Lawrence Tech to improve Vehicle Systems Testing labs.