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Engineering is a highly technical field with strong long-term growth potential in technological innovations in materials and advances in methods of analysis, design, manufacturing, and construction. The innovations are driven by a need for sustaining modern society. A current college graduate is able to compete in the business world only with a commitment to a life-long learning process. The Doctor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (DEME) program not only helps the students contribute to their profession through the development of new knowledge and technologies but also allow them to develop strong skills as a life-long learner. The DEME program is designed to provide students with advanced professional and research skills.

Graduates will be expected to:

  • Expand their knowledge of specific technical disciplines in their field of study
  • Apply advanced scientific principles in solving engineering programs
  • Have the capacity to enhance their professional careers
  • Enhance their ability to communicate
  • Have the ability to do independent research

Why LTU?

Lawrence Tech’s DEME program is unique in the following aspects:
  • We have many students who are part-time or full-time working. DEME program guarantees that all the core courses have sections offered in the evening.
  • Many adjunct faculty from industry are teaching in the DEME program. These experts possess an abundance of real world experiences that can enhance student learning.
  • Most candidates in the DEME program have two advisors: an academic advisor who provides state-of-the-art knowledge about engineering principles, and an industrial advisor who provides significant industrial experience and support.
Students will find it convenient to attend a graduate program at Lawrence Tech because of our central geographic location in the Detroit area and proximity to major highways. Lawrence Tech is well known in the tri-state area as having highly professional and challenging programs. Our insistence on teaching both theory and practice has made our graduates some of the most sought-after engineers in the area.
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Admissions Requirements

Students applying for admission to the program are required to meet the following criteria:

  1.  Hold a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering or an equivalent degree in a related field from an accredited college or university. Exceptional students with an earned Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering may be considered for direct admission into the doctoral program. Please contact the program director.
  2. Have earned an overall GPA of at least 3.3 (B+) on a 4.0 scale in the Master of Science degree. Students with lower GPAs may be accepted on a provisional basis as described below.
  3. Provide official transcripts of all completed college work.
  4. Submit an Application for Doctoral Admission (a minimum of two months before the beginning of the term in which the applicant expects to enroll).
  5. Submit three letters of recommendation: two from professors who have directly evaluated the student’s academic performance during previous degrees and one from a corporate supervisor.
  6. Submit a research statement describing subject(s) of interest.
  7. Non-native speakers of English must document English proficiency upon entry to the program (TOEFL minimum 550 or IELTS minimum 6.0).

Students with a graduate GPA lower than 3.3 may be admitted on a provisional basis. They will be evaluated for continuation upon completion of nine (9) credits of graduate course work. This evaluation is conducted by the director of the Doctor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering program, the chair of A. Leon Linton Department of Mechanical Engineering, and the associate dean of graduate studies and research. The department chair will notify the student in writing of the outcome. If a student is not permitted to continue work toward the DEME, then he or she is expected to terminate his or her studies within the department. The student may petition the decision to the Doctoral Governance Committee of the College of Engineering within one week of receiving written notification. The decision of the Doctoral Governance Committee is final.

Students with an engineering master’s degree in a field other than mechanical engineering and who have a GPA of at least 3.3 on a 4.0 scale may be admitted on a provisional basis. The program director and program advisor(s) will define the prerequisite requirements.


Your 57-credit-hour program consists of:

Core Courses 3
EME 6283    Engineering Analysis II
Electives (select eight from the following areas) 24
Solid Mechanics, Dynamics, and Vibrations
Thermal Fluids
Doctoral Dissertation 30
Total 57

In order to satisfy degree requirements, the student must also pass:
  • Preliminary Examination
  • Final Qualifying Examination
  • Dissertation Defense.


Lawrence Tech will allow a maximum of 6 credits of qualified graduate level coursework to be transferred from other institutions. An applicant transferring in from another institution with special circumstances will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Get Started

Complete information on admissions, financial aid, and university housing is available from the Office of Admissions:
phone:  800.CALL.LTU, ext. 1

Additional information on the Doctor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering program is available from the Program Directors:
Badih A. Jawad, PhD
Engineering Building E34
Phone: (248) 204-2572
Email: BIO

Liping Liu, PhD
Assistant Director
Engineering Building E38
Phone: (248) 204-2528
Email: BIO