concrete canoe team project proposal


The Motor City Floater

To follow the rules for the 2012 competition, the Lawrence Tech team designed, fabricated, built, displayed and raced a full scale concrete canoe.

The canoe was 15 inches tall, 28 inches wide and 21 feet long. The 2012 canoe was constructed atop mold form cut on campus with CNC machine, unlike previous years which were forced to cut form by hand.

Each construction material had to meet specifications outlined in the rules and regulations such as 60% of the aggregates had to be from two different 100% recycled materials. The concrete canoe was displayed during the competition, showing construction practices and materials that were used in the fabrication. Another competition requirement included the submittal of a technical design paper and a technical oral presentation. Following the presentations, the different schools raced their canoes in male, female and coed heats, in races of speed and endurance.

Finally the canoe was judged for durability. The winning canoe was determined by the highest composite score of the four judged categories including' final product, design paper, oral presentation and racing.