civil engineering advisory board

Mission Statement

The Civil Engineering Advisory Board commits to sharing its professional experience as practitioners and leaders for the purpose of providing expert guidance to LTU in the education of engineers, ultimately supporting the University’s overall Mission and Vision. The Board meets regularly with LTU faculty to discuss current needs and future trends in the Civil Engineering industry, advising on best industry practices, technology, areas of industry growth, curriculum, outreach, and opportunities for the professional community to engage with students for their continuous success.
Vision Statement

LTU’s Civil Engineering programs will be nationally and internationally recognized for rigorous emphasis on engineering fundamentals, innovative research, and challenging hands-on learning projects that are delivered in a progressive, multicultural environment. The Board’s contribution results in an exceptionally well-prepared, diverse generation of engineers capable of independent learning, practical application, and global leadership to improve their communities, our profession, and society.

Advisory Board Members

The Civil Engineering Advisory Board (CEAB) is led by David Ruby, Chair, and Cheryl Gregory, Vice-Chair. As leaders in the civil engineering community, the eminent board members listed below have provided leadership and guidance to the civil engineering program over most of the previous decade.

Photo Not Available Brian Biasutto (BSCE '86)
Director of CMT Services
McDowell & Associates
  Remo Mastroianni Remo Mastroianni, P.E., LEED AP (BSCE '81)
Engineering Manager
Mark Chaput, P.E. (BSCE '87)
Deputy Director, Bureau
of Field Services, MDOT
  Photo Not Available John Raimondo, P.E. (BSCE '91)
Corporate Director, Director International Operations
Roncelli, Inc.
CHYNOWETH-2.jpg Matthew Chynoweth, P.E.
Deputy Metro Region Engineer
  Photo Not Available Charles J. Roarty, Jr., P.E.
Senior Vice President
NTH Consultants, Ltd.
Photo Not Available Suzanne R. Coffey, P.E. (BSCE '92)
Chief Planning Officer
Detroit Water & Sewerage Department
  William Rohleder, Jr., P.E., S.E.
Senior Vice President & Project Development
James J. Cole, Jr. James J. Cole, Jr., AIC, CPC, LEED AP (BSCE '78)
Senior Advisor
Brinker Team

David I. Ruby, P.E., S.E., F. ASCE, SECB
Chairman, Founding Principal
Ruby & Associates, PC

Chair, CEAB

George Fadool, P.E. (BSCE '81)
Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
Skanska USA  Inc.


Philip Sanzica, P.E.
Chief Deputy Water Resources Commissioner
Oakland County



Cheryl L. Gregory, P.E. (BSCE '88)
Vice President, Director of Engineering 
Spalding DeDecker Assoc., Inc.
Vice-Chair, CEAB


Ian Schonsheck, P.E. (BSCE '79)
CEO (Retired)
Schonsheck Inc.

JUDNIC-2.jpg Victor Judnic, P.E.
Associate Vice President
HNTB Corporation
  Jason-Stoops-2.jpg Jason B. Stoops, P.E.
Office Manager & Project Manager
G2 Consulting Group
James E. Like (BSCE '86)
Project Director/SE Michigan Regional Manager
Christman Constructors, Inc.
  Photo Not Available Brian M. Volpe, P.E., S.E., LEED AP (BSCE '99)
Chief Engineer
Cives Corporation
      ZAGER-sm.jpg Nicholas Zager, P.E. (BSCE ’01)
Chief, Geotechnical & Structures Branch
US Army Corps of Engineers
Emeritus Advisory Board Members

Richard O. Anderson Richard O. Anderson
P.E., Hon.M. ASCE
Principal Engineer
Somat Engineering, Inc.
  Andrew Rener, P.E., D.B.I.A.
(BSCE '99 & MCE '00)
Vice President of Operations
Bouma Construction
Daniel G. Fredendall, P.E.
Executive Vice President
  Kirk T. Steudle Kirk T. Steudle, P.E. (BSCE '87)
State of Michigan Department of Transportation