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Welcome to the
Architectural Engineering Program

First Architectural Engineering Program in the State of Michigan.

Our unique program offers a Master Degree in 5 years by incorporating both undergraduate and graduate coursework to fully educate students in preparation for the challenges they will encounter in the field. Architectural engineers have the artistic vision to understand what an architect is trying to accomplish, and use their specialized engineering skills to design structures that are durable, economical, and healthy. As the "master builders" of our time, Architectural Engineers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to become indispensable members and leaders of integrated design teams. Architectural engineers analyze the site, building orientation, and exposure; design the structural systems; engineer energy efficient heating, cooling, lighting, and power distribution systems; ensure fire protection and determine how water and waste will be managed, to enable the construction of a sustainable built environment.

If you are artistic or creative, enjoy buildings and have an aptitude for math and science, then a career in Architectural Engineering may be for you! To find out more, please contact us at 248.204.2610 or

Fast Facts about Architectural Engineering

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