college of engineering advisory board

Richard O. Anderson

Richard O. Anderson, P.E., Dist M ASCE

Principal Engineer
Somat Engineering, Inc.

Sam Bonanno

Sam Bonanno (BSME '69)

Board Member
American Axle & Manufacturing
Venture Capitalist


Judith M. Curran

Vehicle Line Director,
Global CD Segment Vehicles
Ford Motor Company

William (Bill) Disler (BSEE '87)

President & Chief Executive Officer 
AFC-Holcroft LLC
Al Haase

Alan L. Haase (BSEE '82)

President & CEO
AGC Aerospace & Defense
Composites & Aerostructures Group

Richard J. Haller

President & Chief Operating Officer
Elizabeth A. Howell Elizabeth A. Howell (BSEE '92)

Vice President, Operations
ITC Holdings Corp.

Timothy J. Kriewall

Former Program Director, Kern Family Foundation
President, Wisconsin Luther College
Vice President, Medtronic
Douglas E. Patton

Douglas E. Patton

Senior Vice president, Engineering
DENSO International America, Inc
John Sammut

John Sammut  (BSEE,BSME,BSBA’88)

President & CEO
Firstronic LLC
Kirk T. Steudle

Kirk T. Steudle, P.E. (BSCE '87)

State Of Michigan Department of Transportation
Terry J. Woychowski

Terry J. Woychowski

Senior Vice President,
Engineering and Quality 
American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings, Inc.
David W. Wright

David W. Wright (BSME '86)

President & Founder
Wi Medical Device & Development
College of Engineering


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