• Provides consulting on effective instructional design strategies and efficient use of technology tools to enhance teaching and learning
    • Advises faculty and departments on online and hybrid course and program development
    • Coordinates integration of new media and digital resources to support engaged learning in collaboration with LTU Online, Academic Achievement Center, the Library and other departments
    • Collaborates with faculty and the Center for Teaching and Learning on teaching and learning with technology scholarship, awards, and discipline-specific best practices workshops
    • Facilitates grant funding information dissemination and aspects of the grant preparation process


What Is Course Development?

Course Development is a campus-wide consulting service for developing online, hybrid or face-to-face courses or training. It may also be for analyzing those that are in existence and updating or furthering their enhancement. The focus is on student learning and engagement, with emphasis on the integrity of course design, the effective use of teaching and learning strategies and technologies and specific alignment to the need of the given situation.

Course Development efforts are results-driven, though customizable and collaborative with The Center for Teaching and Learning, The University Assessment Committee, The Faculty Senate and the individual University Academic Departments. eLearning integration examples may include strategies such as active learning or problem-based learning, while technologies used may include: Blackboard tools, Wimba, Tablet PC, discipline-specific software or resources, Web 2.0, interactive multimedia and other teaching and learning tools. In accordance, Enrichment and Development services are available to continually support faculty course development innovation and the building of an eLearning community.