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Important Notice Regarding Blackboard Wimba!

Blackboard Wimba Classroom is being replaced by the Blackboard Collaborate Web conference. Blackboard plans to retire Wimba Classroom at the end of 2014 with Wimba archives (recordings) available only until August 2015.

What Does This Mean?

Blackboard Collaborate provides most of the same options that Wimba incorporated such as:

  • Audio-conferencing and video-conferencing (allowing up to 6 simultaneous webcams)
  • Real-time polling and quizzes (including multiple choice questions)
  • Application sharing (allowing applications on one computer to be seen by all participants)
  • File transfer
  • Whiteboard (allowing attendees to draw/write on and import graphics, photos and PowerPoint files)
  • Shared web browsing (web tour) allowing attendees to follow one person as they browse the web
  • Break-out rooms (for small-group discussions and collaboration)
  • Recording of sessions (allowing playback at a later time) and capturing of content generated in a session e.g. text-chat and whiteboard

Plus additional new features such as Grade Center Integration, in-session guest invites and file transfer of documents to participants

What About Wimba Recordings?

Blackboard Collaborate does not have the capability to import Wimba archived recordings and Wimba recordings will not be able to be accessed after August 2015.

If you have Wimba recordings that you need to save and reuse, you must convert the recordings to MP4 and save to a local computer, flash drive, or external hard drive.

Can I Start Using Collaborate Now?

Yes! Through end of year 2014 we will be able to dual-deploy both Wimba Classroom and Blackboard Collaborate. If you would prefer to begin using Blackboard Collaborate you must make the tool available using Control Panel, Customization, Tool Availability within the Blackboard Course.

Where Can I Get More Information and Tutorials on Collaborate?

Documentation on using Collaborate will be available on our eHelp website within days.


Setting up Wimba

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is strongly suggested that either Firefox or Chrome be used in running Wimba not Internet Explorer.
Internet Explorer has been problematic when trying to access/use Wimba.

Since Wimba uses both video/audio interfaces and plug-in it is necessary to ensure that the computer you will be using can access Live Classroom. This is accomplished by running the Set-Up Wizard successfully. The Set-Up Wizard verifies that pop-up blockers are disabled ( Disabling Common Pop-Up Blockers); that Java plug-in is installed; audio/microphone is functional (a headset is strongly recommended for optimal use in Wimba).

How do I run the Wimba Set-Up Wizard?