Panopto CourseCast is a presentation capture application that lets you record, capture PowerPoint presentations; audio and video presentations.

How Do I Use Panopto?

Panopto allows instructors and students to record PowerPoint presentations capturing both audio and video.

In order for students to use CourseCast your instructor must first create a folder in Blackboard that allows you save your presentation for review.

Panopto Drop Box
To use Panopto you must:
  • Download and install the Panopto Recorder on your computer (see below)
  • Log in using your Blackboard credentials
  • Create, save, and share your recording
  • Make recording available in Blackboard

Download PDF

Download & Install Recorder

Download and install the appropriate Panopto recorder on your computer.

Note: The record icon is only accessible after your instructor has created a Panopto Drop Box in the Blackboard course.

  • From a web browser go to
  • On the User Login pane, click the down arrow to select BB Production System, click Login
  • When the Panopto session screen opens, select the "Record" icon (located at top right) then select the download icon for either PC or MAC.
  • Once downloaded, begin setup to install the Panopto Recorder

Download PDF