Academic integrity and honesty are basic core values of Lawrence Technological University. In carrying out its academic mission, Lawrence Technological University, like all universities, depends on the honesty and integrity of its faculty, staff, and students, and for this reason every member of the Lawrence Technological University community is charged with upholding the Academic Honor Code. Actions that breach the Code erode the trust of those who look to universities for honest evaluations of academic work arrived at through honest processes. Violations may also cause individual harm in that reports of performance made to post-graduate schools, professional societies, and employers would inaccurately represent a student's progress.

Lawrence Technological University is committed to creating an academic community that values both individual and collaborative efforts that promote learning and discovery. Such a community expects honesty and integrity in the work of all its members. The Academic Honor Code speaks to the work of individual students within the community. It should not be construed as arguing against the important collaborations that also occur among students on campus. This document is intended to clarify the adjudication of issues regarding academic honesty and fair play for students. Portions of this document have been adapted from (a) the 2002-03 University of North Carolina at Wilmington Academic Honor Code and (b) the 2002-03 Binghamton University Academic Honesty Code.