You may pursue a Quest project in one or all of three areas of interest: Arts, Leadership, and Research. You can begin your Quest as early as your freshman year. Each project requires a minimum of 50 hours of engagement, and you have one year in which to complete your work.

An important part of Quest is sharing your project(s) with the Lawrence Tech community at the annual Blue Devil Showcase and/or in a formal performance or presentation on campus. You’ll also create a final portfolio, which includes a capstone summary of your entire Quest project.

When you graduate, you’ll receive official recognition for your efforts. In addition to the traditional GPA transcript, you’ll receive a narrative transcript detailing your Quest experiences and a special citation. If you accomplish three Quest projects, you’ll receive a Gold Citation; for two, you’ll receive a Silver Citation; and for one, a Bronze Citation. These distinguished additions to your resume can set you apart with prospective employers and graduate schools.