Tom GouldingDr. Thomas Goulding Ph.D.

Affiliate Instructor


Dr. Goulding was the founder and remains the CEO of Eldersafe Technologies Inc, a medical device start upconsisting of a multi-disciplinary team of professors, scientists and engineers who are attempting to lower the fall incident rate among the elderly. Their solution for wheel chair bound seniors is now entering field trial. As WIT Computer Science Chairman, Professor Goulding, led Wentworth’s program to become one of the leading and fastest growing project-based undergraduate programs in America. Dr. Goulding has produced over three dozen refereed conference presentations, journal articles and proceedings papers since his return to academia in 2000. He has been widely recognized for developing a software engineering method that introduces complex game, encryption and robotic systems projects into the freshman year. He has received major grants from the Microsoft Research Corporation, the Microsoft XNA product group and Electronic Arts Corporation. He is a designated Electronic Arts Scholar and has been recognized as an innovative educator in the computer science field. Dr. Goulding has also served as Sr. VP/GM for several prominent multi-national networking, wireless and telecommunications firms.