I enrolled in Lawrence Tech to advance a stagnating career. Studying at the University expanded my interests and gave me a unique opportunity to study technical communication as it applies to my professional interests: renewable energy, energy policy, and multidiscipline engineering teams. Now, I have a challenging position developing technology roadmaps for critical infrastructure.” 

- Daniel J. Albert, Master of Science in Technical and Professional Communication, 2005
What are the top five personal qualities and skills employers are seeking today? According to the 2009 Job Outlook survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, they are:

• Communication skills (listening, speaking, and writing)
• Strong work ethic
• Teamwork skills
• Initiative
• Analytical skills

The Master of Science in Technical and Professional Communication at Lawrence Technological University focuses on ALL of these!

Why LTU?

The Master of Science in Technical and Professional Communication program emphasizes lean writing. You’ll learn to communicate crisply, clearly, and concisely. In keeping with the University’s motto of “theory and practice,” this degree provides a strong academic grounding combined with practical, professional experience and hands-on projects. You’ll do the research, write the copy, design the brochure, and give the presentation.


Your 30-credit-hour program consists of 18 hours of required course work and 12 hours of elective and special topics courses. Six practicum options are also available, and students can earn up to six credit hours for practicum work. 

Required Courses 
   Advanced interpersonal Communication 
   Advanced Publication Design 
   Foundations of Technical Communication 
   Research Methods and Applications 
   Rhetoric of Technical Communication 
   Technical Communication Practicum 
Electives and Special Topics Courses (choose four)
   Advanced Nonverbal Communication 
   Communicating Across Cultures 
   Managing Organizational Communication 
   Multimedia Design and Analysis 
   Professional Presentation Strategies 
   Special Topics Courses 
   Team Problem Solving and Decision Making 
   Technical and Professional Editing 
   Website Design
Special Topics 
These courses investigate a wide range of current theories and practices in technical and professional communication. 
Examples include: 
   Advanced Business and Professional Communication 
   Ethical and Rhetorical Issues in Documentary Film 
   Legal Writing 
   Medical Writing 
   Proposal Writing 
   Publication and Graphic Design Software Applications 
   Rhetocial Analysis and Presentation 

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Master of Science in Technical and Professional Communication requires:

1.  Submission of the Application for Graduate Admission;

2.  A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university (minimum GPA of 3.0);

3.  Official transcripts of all completed college work;

4.  A resume, including academic and professional experience;

5.  One or more writing samples that demonstrate the applicant’s skill in either technical or professional communication. Professional portfolios may also be submitted;

6.  Three letters of recommendation, including one from either a professor or a corporate supervisor. The supervisory letter must be written by someone who has worked with the applicant in either an academic or corporate environment during the past three years and who is familiar with the applicant’s professional promise;

7.  An interview with the program director or a designated faculty member.

Applicants with a GPA of less than a 3.0 and those with undergraduate degrees in a field other than technical communication will be admitted on a conditional basis. Students accepted conditionally are evaluated for official graduate student status upon completion of nine semester hours of graduate course work at Lawrence Tech.

Get Started

For more information, contact Lawrence Tech’s Office of Admissions at 800.225.5588 or admissions@ltu.edu.

For specific questions about the Master of Science in Technical and Professional Communication, contact Lawrence Tech’s Department of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Communication at 248.204.3656 or humchair@ltu.edu.