Automotive Camp Brief

       Greg Duler Camp Project


Experience being the lead designer on a program where the CEO of an automotive company has requested you to develop a concept vehicle for the next autoshow.  Students will be provided a project brief and theme to create a vehicle concept from the various stages to include: ideation sketches, renderings, and scale modeling.  A professional designer will lead the course and provide individual evaluations to students.  Scholarships will be awarded to the top student designers!

Summer Camp Participants Projects
Christian Burgos 
Cas Van de Goor


Program Preparation


1.       Dynamic Figure Drawing (Practical Art Books) by Burne Hogarth
2.       Basic Perspective Drawing: A Visual Guide by John Montague
3.       Design Sketching by Olofsson  


Conceptual and Visual Imagery

1.       Cosmic Motors: Spaceships, Cars and Pilots of Another Galaxy by Daniel Simon, Daniel Simon's website
2.       H-Point: The Fundamentals of Car Design & Packaging by Stuart Macey and Geoff Wa
3.       Start Your Engines: Surface Vehicle Sketches & Renderings from the Draw through Collection by Scott Robertson
4.       Lift Off: Air Vehicle Sketches & Renderings from the Drawthrough Collection (Air Vehicle Sketches) by Scott Robertson





Cas VanDeGoor Camp Project


Christian Burgos Camp Project