Master of Urban Design in Sustainable Urbanism

The Master of Urban Design [mUD] in Sustainable Urbanism is a post-baccalaureate Urban Design degree program within the College of Architecture and Design (CoAD). The mUD is a 34 Credit Hour Masters Degree which builds on existing courses, can be completed in three (3) semesters, welcomes students with diverse undergraduate degrees and backgrounds, and features a pedagogical and research emphasis that builds upon the University’s commitment to its urban and suburban context. The mUD is designed to develop a body of knowledge, skills, and experience in Urban Design with a focus on sustainable urbanism - a balanced and holistic systems approach to design and policy initiatives that addresses the complex environmental, economic, and social forces that effect global City + Regional form.


mUD Curriculum revised 5-12



Master of Urban Design – Post Baccalaureate Degree

Total Credit Hours: 34.00

12 credits
ARC 5824 Profile Studio- Urban or KSU Florence Studio or ARC 5614 Thesis 1
ARC 5693 Sustainable Urbanism 
ARC 5013 Research Methods
ARC 5742 Urban Design Methods 

12 credits
ARC 5824 Profile Studio- Urban or ARC 6524 Thesis 2
ARC 5782 Urban Theory
ARC 5912 [Practicum] Principles and Practices of UD
ARC 5772 Case Studies in UD 
ARC 5762 Urban Design Policy and Implementation
ARC 5752 Quantitative Methods in Urban Design (e.g., GIS, Space Syntax, etc.) 

10 credits
ARC 6103 [4] Critical Practice Studio [formerly Master Class]
ARC 5714/5724 Paris Studio 
ARC 5682 History of Urban Form
ARC 5743 Current Issues in Urban Design
ARC 5912 [Practicum] Principles and Practices of UD
ARC 5423 Ecological Issues
Urban Design Conventions + Graphics Workshop 


The course designations follow current College of Architecture and Design standards, with the prefix of ARC designating that the mUD courses are housed within the architecture department at the College or Architecture and Design. The last four digits in the course number represent the level of the class (i.e. 5000 level classes would have graduate content). The last digit in the number sequence specifies the earned credits upon completion of a course. Please contact Alice McHard at 248.204.2834 or