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Alternative Energy Student Group (AESG)
American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS)
American Institute of Graphic Artists  (AIGA)
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers - (ASHRAE)
Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)
International Interior Design Association (IIDA)
Interior Architecture Student Organization (IASO)
National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS)

Tau Sigma Delta


Alternative Energy Student Group - AESG

Providing students with a medium whereby they can apply educational studies to real world applications in alternative energy technologies.

Contact: Steve Tominac,
Organization Type/Category: Activism/Awareness - Technology - Education - Engineering - Architecture - Science
Recruitment: Through Student Government; campus events; group activities; email; word of mouth; flyers.
Membership Criteria: Must be interested in alternative energy and be an actively enrolled student at Lawrence Tech
Advisor Info: Robert Fletcher, E18, x2525,

American Institute of Architecture Students - AIAS

A student-based organization open to anyone interested in architecture and/or community service. The goal of the group is to establish a strong Lawrence Tech design community through mentoring, service and leadership. The AIAS strives to bridge the gap between school and the professional world by providing networking opportunities with architects throughout the Metro-Detroit area.--Various events include:

  • Freedom By Design program: providing design-build solutions in the surrounding community to promote life safety, comfort, and dignity. Students provide fundraising, find clients, run design charrettes, and construct the final design solution in the client's home.
  • Annual "Freedom" Silent Auction - raises money for Freedom By Design projects. Strong attendance of Michigan architecture professionals
  • "Forum" annual conference: 2011 - Toronto, Cananda during Christmas break”Seminars, workshops and tours, plus New Year's celebration. Yearly attendance of 1,000+ architecture students and professionals
  • "Firm Tour" series - visiting local architecture firms and landmark buildings to engage students in discussions with local architects
  • "Grassroots",  Washington, D.C. - Annual leadership conference of AIAS  in July: meet student leaders of AIAS chapters around the country while honing your leadership skills
  • Social events: sponsored in conjunction with AIAS and other student groups within the college of Architecture & Design
  • Mentoring program - Network of volunteer AIA-registered architects to mentor with students
  • Annual September "AIA Michigan Design Retreat" at Torch Lake - informal gathering of Michigan architects to present their latest design work and network around the campfire
  • Opportunity to participate in national design competitions
  • Bi-Monthly meetings: alternate Tuesdays, 12:00 noon A200

Advisor Info: Jolanta Skorupka,, 248.204.2813
Staff Liaison: Ali Barnard,   248.204.2885

See the National AIAS website at

Contact: - join the facebook group "AIAS-LTU"

Membership Criteria: Anyone interested in architecture and design. Yearly dues: $65 new members, $55 returning members - includes both LTU chapter and National membership.
Organization Type/Category: Professional, Architecture
Recruitment: Flyers and events posted around the architecture building

American Institute of Graphic Artists - AIGA

AIGA is the professional association for design, is the oldest and largest membership association for communication design professionals engaged in the discipline, practice and culture of designing. AIGA's mission is to advance designing as a professional craft, strategic tool and global cultural force.
Student Membership Criteria: currently enrolled in the Imaging program at Lawrence Tech. Membership fee.

Student Membership Perks:

  • 15% off of any Adobe product.
  • discounts on select FedEx shipments
  • job postings,
  • portfolio review services
  • networking opportunities
  • lectures and competitions (free or reduced entry fee)
  • monthly e-newsletter with tips on professional growth
  • Aquent Survey of Design Salaries from all over the US.

Advisor Info: Steve Rost,  248.204.2862
Staff Liaison: Ali Barnard,   248.204.2885

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers - ASHRAE

ASHRAE gives the students the opportunity to network with professionals in the HVAC and architectural fields and the tools for creating and sustaining the built environment.  ASHRAE writes and maintains several standards of concern to both Architects and Engineers and has recently formed an alliance with the USGBC.

Membership includes:

  • Free/low cost programs, dinners and tours with the ASHRAE Detroit Chapter
  • Opportunity to enter the Architectural division of the ASHRAE Student Design Competition ($1500 1st Place Award plus travel, hotel, and spending money for one team member for Winter Meeting)
  • Dr. Joseph Olivieri* Memorial Scholarship Competition plus other scholarships and grants
  • Free attendance at Winter Meeting/convention & exhibit w/ special net-working opportunities & tours just for students
  • National publications ASHRAE Journal, ASHRAE Insights newspaper, HVAC&R Industry eNewsletter
  • Publications discounts including 70% discount on ASHRAE Handbooks

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Janice K. Means  248.204.2852
Staff Liaison: Ali Barnard,   248.204.2885

Interior Architecture Student Organization - IASO

The purpose of the IASO is to gain access to the latest design developments, network with peers and professionals and become a member of the professional interiors organizations (American Society of Interior Designers - ASID; International Interior Design Association - IIDA; Coalition for Interior Design Registration - CIDR)

Membership Criteria
Applicants must be currently enrolled in either the interior design or architecture program at Lawrence Tech University. There is a $10 membership fee which gives each student status as an active member from September to August of the following year. Students will also have the option to join ASID, IIDA, and/or CIDR for a due determined by each professional organization.

Organization Fairs, Flyers, Emails to Students

Faculty Advisor: Karen Swanson, 248.204.2874
Staff Liaison: Ali Barnard,   248.204.2885

National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS)

NOMA , which thrives only when voluntary members contribute their time and resources, has as its mission the building of a strong national organization, strong chapters and strong members for the purpose of minimizing the effect of racism in out profession.

Strength in NOMA is built through unity in the cause that created the organization. Our impact is felt when our organization wrestles with the dilemmas that face this nation, particularly as they affect our profession. There is strength in numbers. By increasing the number of people in this organization, we add strength to the voice with which we can speak against apathy, bigotry, intolerance and ignorance; against abuse of the natural environment; and for the un-empowered, the marginalized and the disenfranchised.

By building a strong organization, we develop a showcase for the excellence and creativity which have been ignored for so long. Through our publications and conferences, we are able to inform the world that minority professionals have the talent and capabilities to perform in design and construction with any other group.

By building strong chapters of design professionals whose sensibilities and interest include promotion of urban communities, we are able to respond to the concerns that affect marginalized communities and people. Our goals are to increase the level of participation the social, political and economic benefits afforded the citizens of this nation and to tear down the barriers that make full participation unattainable. Chapters give members a base from which to be involved in politics, to visit schools and reach out to children, to conduct community and civic forums and to responsibility practice in our professional capacities.

Contact: Alonda-Sharise Brunson (President) at
Organization Type/Category: Activism/Awareness - Technology - Education - Architecture - Science
Recruitment: Through Student Government; campus events; group activities; email; word of mouth; flyers.
Membership Criteria: Must be interested be an actively enrolled student at Lawrence Tech
Faculty Advisor Info: Kenneth Crutcher,  248. 204.2813

Tau Sigma Delta: The Honor Society for Architecture and the Allied Disciplines

Tau Sigma Delta is the only nationally recognized honor society in the field of architecture, landscape architecture & the allied arts.

Membership includes:

  • Individual achievement of membership in this exclusive society
  • Invitations to special dinners, field trips, speakers, etc.
  • Fundraising events
  • Special graduation regalia that designates you as a member
  • Monthly meetings
  • Tau Sigma Delta jewelry

Staff Liaison: Ali Barnard,  248.204.2885