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Department of Art + Design

The School of Architecture was established at Lawrence Institute of Technology in 1962 and, with the addition of art and design programs, became the College of Architecture and Design in 1989. The College offers a broad range of professional design programs in addition to architecture, including interior design, urban design, graphic design, industrial design, game art, and other programs. These programs provide aspiring design professionals with a comprehensive education and preparation for careers in design and other relevant and fulfilling public and private sector endeavors.

The architecture program at LTU seeks to develop graduates committed to an articulate and thoughtful approach to socially relevant design. The program supports creative inquiry and critical thinking as the basis for design insight, and clear communication as a design objective. The programs emphasize investigation and collaboration through courses that address relationships among the disciplines, including design, technology, the sciences, and the humanities. Students are expected to maintain high standards of excellence: they are highly respected by employers and win significant design competitions.

Programs in the Department of Art + Design

Game Art

Graphic Design

Interaction Design

Industrial Design

Interior Architecture

Transportation Design

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