The MISSION of The Detroit Studio is educational: to provide students with an enriched educational experience through community-based architectural, urban design and community


Community Tours

development projects; and to offer accessible and useful programs and information to the public, the design profession, municipal officials and the business community.

Benefits of Detroit Studio

Benefits to Students

The Detroit Studio broadens opportunities for students through its use as an urban-based facility for design and research projects. It  also provides the setting for graduate students to fulfill the requirements for the Area of Concentration in Collaborative Urban Design.

Benefits to the Community

Projects undertaken at The Detroit Studio serve communities in Southeastern Michigan in area of Urban Design, Planning, and community Development. It establishes partnerships with municipalities, design professionals, professional organizations, community organizations, business leaders, and local schools and universities.

Benefits to the Profession

Projects conducted at The Detroit studio often include significant involvement from local practitioners and serve to initiate subsequent design development by professionals. Its public outreach results in increased public awareness and appreciation of the value of architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, and planning.