This Master's in Architecture program is for people who have a Bachelor's degree in a field other than architecture.  The program can be completed in three years plus two summers. 

A arch-image-2.jpgportfolio is required for admission and should include examples of architectural drafting, free-hand drawing, perspective drawing and rendering, 2D and 3D design projects, and introductory work in AutoCAD and Revit software.  In addition, Calculus 1 and two trigonometry based physics courses with labs are required.  Students who do not have the math, physics, or portfolio content can take specific courses at LTU prior to entry into the 3+ Master's in Architecture.

For more information, please contact:

Alice McHard

Admission Requirements

Pre-Professional Entry Students with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture may complete as few as 36 credits for the Master of Architecture.

Admission to the M.Arch degree program requires submittal of the following items:

1. A completed Graduate Application, which can be submitted online at
2. Official transcripts of all completed college work.
3. Evidence of a minimum undergraduate grade point average of 3.0.
4. A resume describing your educational and work experience as well as extracurricular activities and interests.
5. Three letters of recommendation including two from faculty members employed by a university-level school of architecture or interior design (but not a member of the LTU Graduate Admissions Committee). One work reference, preferably from an immediate supervisor at your current or a recent place of employment, is acceptable.
6. A comprehensive portfolio of work demonstrating a range of visualization and design abilities and experience. Work should include creative, academic projects and may include professional work when accompanied by a clear statement of the applicant’s contribution. Please click to download the Portfolio Requirements (PDF). 
7. A one-thousand-word essay on one of the following topics:
  1. What would you do if you could not do architecture or urban design?
  2. Cite a book (other than a religious text) that has influenced your understanding of architecture and other design disciplines and explain how it has influenced you.
  3. Estimate, without reference materials, the number of piano tuners currently working in Denver, Colorado and explain in a step-by-step fashion how you developed your estimate.
  4. Tell us about a real place, that you have never visited. Explain why you would like to go there and visit this place and what you would expect to learn there.
  5. Explain how a designed object (other than a religious icon) with which you are familiar, has influenced your life.
  6. Describe a situation that has required you to collaborate as a team member with others of different backgrounds. interests or opinions.
 8. All application materials should be sent to

Domestic Applicants: There is no formal deadline for applications; however, we recommend applying as early as possible to maximize academic scholarship and financial aid opportunities.

International Applicants: All documents are required to be received at least 90 days prior to the first day of the semester for which you would like to begin.

Portfolio Submittal Guidelines
Master of Architecture Portfolio Guidelines: PDF image


3+ Curriculum Flowchart

3+ Curriculum Sheet

3+ Course List