affleck house notable features


  •  2,359 square feet on 2.3 acres of land.
  •  $19,000 to build. The original 13 furniture units, such as tables, chairs, and sofas were all constructed of three plied wood for a total cost of $26.000.
  •  Built by contractor Harold Turner.
  •  Three bedrooms, with three and a half baths.
  •  Oriented to the sun, with many windows and skylights, and views of the woods.
  •  Design based on a four-by-four-foot modular grid to accomodate interior partitions, furniture, rugs, and  cabinets.
  •  600 feet of built-in shelving.
  •  Six-foot-high fireplace, holding three to five foot vertical logs.
  •  Indirect fluorescent lighting.
  •  All floors are pigmented cement with radiant heating.
  •  Planter box atrium located in the center of the house looks down on a reflecting pool below. A window in the atrium can be opened to pull air cooled by the pool into the house, functioning as natural air conditioner.
  •  Interior walls are three-quarter-inch plywood between horizontally laid overlapping (ship-lapped) tidewater cypress planks.
  •  No nails were used, only brass screws with heads aligned to the grain of the wood.
  •  Interior door panel hinges disappear when doors are closed, leaving only doorknobs visible.
  •  All corners are mitered.
  •  Vertical joints in the brick and wood stripes are dyed to add to the overall feeling of width and spaciousness.
  •  Exterior is brick and tidewater cypress.